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How To Submit A Piece of Work

1. Join the community here.

2. In your post, use the following format.

Title: [the title of your piece]
Author/Artist: [your name, pseudonym, or a link to your blog]
Type: [describe your piece. Is it a poem/story/novel excerpt/drawing/painting/photo/etc?]
Warnings: [warn for NSFW, sensitive or potentially triggering content]

3. Add a Cut to your post, with your piece beneath. (If you don't know which icon Cut is on the toolbar, you can use the html tag - <cut>.)

4. Add the tag contributor:[your username].

5. Post and wait for moderation.

General Guidelines

All posts are moderated by Emery. Please submit to us - it doesn't matter how "good" you think you are. The best way to become a focused artist is to share your work and listen to feedback/criticism.

Writers: leave a blank line between paragraphs. This is much easier on the eye.

Your spelling and grammar does not have to be 100% perfect, but it must be legible. Unless you are being deliberately illegible as an anti-patriarchy statement. We can make allowances for that kind of thing.

All: if you do not warn for NSFW, sensitive or triggering content, your piece will be rejected until you re-submit properly.

There you go! Pretty simple, no?


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