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Hello, babes & dreamboats of our new community!

Come on in, sit down! Fancy a tea? Coffee? Drop of whisky? We hope to make you feel very comfortable here. This is a place for making friends and sharing tiny fragments of our souls, but not making a big deal out of it, 'cause let's face it, we're all humans here. We've all got souls.

This is a place for loving and caring for each other and if that's not the aim of your game, you can take yourself elsewhere. And if we feel you're maybe playing the game wrongly or unfairly, we'll take you elsewhere ourselves.

This week is about getting to know us - we will be posting our personal introductions, as well as recommendations of our favourite art from around the Internet. We also want your work! That means your art, your writing, your creativity. Doesn't matter if you think it's silly - if you've got it, we want it. This includes fanfiction, fan art, personal essays, journals, bits of old AIM chat logs, and whatever you can think of, as well as your more conventional articles, poems, stories, photographs, drawings, whatever.

We've got lots of ways you can communicate with us - give Emery a shout on our Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook, or via her personal journal, [personal profile] idothisallthetime . Direct all your questions/problems/complaints/hatemail to her. Don't worry, she can take it.

Write! Make art! Make your voice heard! Connect to others in the universe! Don't hold back - if you've got anything to say, it might be the one thing that makes someone out in the wide world feel less alone. So say it!

Good luck!

Yours in Love and Rage,

The Ruined Surprise Party


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